7Sacred Chocolate Telluride

our Philosophy 

7Sacred is a Cannabis Infused Products company based in Telluride, Colorado that is intent on creating a holistic approach to the cannabis market.  We recognize the deep healing power that lives in plants, which are nature's original pharmacology.  By tapping into the many healing properties in the different strains of cannabis and making them available to consumers in a set of products targeted to those different healing properties, we are introducing plant medicine in a unique way to our customers. 

Plant medicine and healing is as old as humanity.  Shamans in ancient cultures knew what healing properties existed in the plant kingdom and utilized their powers wisely.  The healing power comes from the healing powers of each plant , the unique life force that gives each plant it's identity and power. 

Our core belief is that plant medicine can support the healing of our body, emotions, heart, mind, and spirit through forming a conscious relationship with the sacred cannabis plant while learning how to allow each healing power to move through us in a symbiotic flow of energy.